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Join Our Sustainer Circle!

Recurring contributions help us plan ahead and power the programs that change lives, enrich ministry, and strengthen Friends communities.

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Joining our Sustainer Circle means supporting the work we do through a monthly contribution. Why? It’s simple, really. Recurring gifts allow us to plan ahead. Just like you plan your personal bill payments, grocery shopping, and entertainment around your individual paycheck; monthly gifts allow us to think proactively about our programs and better understand our capacity as an organization.

What would your gift do? Here are some examples:

$20 per month helps us broaden our outreach via social media to bring young people into the School of the Spirit Community!

$50 per month provides a full scholarship for someone to participate in a contemplative retreat!

$100 per month funds a Faithful Meetings weekend retreat, deepening trust and community in a Friends Meeting!

We hope you'll consider investing in the sustainability of our programs and community! If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you at