Donate now to build our Scholarship Fund! image

Donate now to build our Scholarship Fund!

Spiritual formation should be accessible to anyone who seeks it.

$1,300 raised

$5,000 goal

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We're fundraising to make sure ANYONE can pursue spiritual deepening

Did you know: Nobody has ever been turned away from a School of the Spirit program due to a lack of funds? This has only been possible because of our generous supporters. We'd like to make sure that we can keep offering financial support to all Friends and seekers who wish to pursue spiritual deepening.

As Friends, we know that everyone has access to Spirit. School of the Spirit's programs simply offer Spirit-filled time, space, tools, instruction, guidance, and community, all of which allow participants to go deeper into that organic connection. These life-changing, ministry-strengthening, activism-enriching programs should be available to all who are led to partake in them!

While we try to make our programs as affordable as possible, the full cost of participation is still out of reach for many of our beloved community members. Our scholarship fund makes it possible for these folks to access our programs, no matter their ability to pay.

We humbly ask that you consider donating to our scholarship fund. Gifts of any size will help us continue this important work. Here are some examples of how your contribution might be used:

  • $20 - $50 could give one seeker the extra push they need to attend a Contemplative Retreat and spend some generative time with Spirit.
  • With $200, two members of a church or meeting can participate in our year-long Faithful Meetings program, enriching their community.
  • $1,200 covers 25% of the cost of tuition for the Participating in God's Power program, where participants practice unifying spirituality and social action.

When spiritual formation is accessible to all, everyone benefits! Each School of the Spirit program is made richer with a diversity of experiences, and the world is made better when participants return to their communities refreshed by Spirit and guided in their ministry.

Over the past three decades, The School of the Spirit has been able to change lives through inviting people to live steadily in the Presence. We invite you to join us now in making sure anyone can be a part of this experience.

Don't want to give online? We'd be delighted to receive a check made out to 'The School of the Spirit Ministry' and mailed to:

The School of the Spirit

4 Long Shoals Rd.

Ste. B484

Arden, NC 28704